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We are a Merchant Account Provider for businesses that are "high risk" businesses.

Applying is Fast and Easy!

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High Risk Merchant Account

We can help those businesses who need approval for a high risk merchant account. We offer approvals, competitive pricing, and five-star service.

Trouble finding a payment processing solution? Rejected by another merchant account provider? No problem… SecureGlobalPay wants your business! Here’s what you’ll get:

  • You try and fail to acquire merchant account with a traditional, low risk provider.
  • Your business is considered high risk, and you’re forced to find a new partner.
  • SecureGlobalPay uses our vast network and experience to get your application approved.
  • You now have the freedom to start and grow your high risk business, on your terms.


How Do We Compare?


  • 99% Approval Rating
  • Approvals Within 24/48 Hours
  • Easy Online Application
  • Chargeback Management


  • 98.7% Approval Rate
  • Approvals Within Weeks
  • Difficult Online Application
  • No Chargeback Management

Do You Know What Industries Are Considered High Risk Merchants?

By SecureGlobalPay | June 23, 2019

Who could have guessed that when you furnish your home you are most likely dealing with a business in a higher risk industry? Yes indeed – furniture merchants are considered high risk! But that’s from the viewpoint of credit card payment processing companies. They look at many factors, including the ticket size of a typical…

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Find the Capital You Need with High Risk Merchant Lenders

By SecureGlobalPay | June 16, 2019

Every business requires a funding injection from time to time. Perhaps to finance business expansion, see it through a tricky sales period or to acquire inventory or equipment. Traditional providers, such as banks, may have rejected you application. The question then is where do you turn to obtain that critical capital? Whatever the reason for…

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How To Select a High Risk Merchant Processor

By SecureGlobalPay | June 8, 2019

As a business owner, you want your card payment system to work smoothly in the background. You don’t want to hear about problems accepting payments from customers. You don’t want to waste time sorting out card processing difficulties. That’s why choosing a good service provider is critical. This helpful guide is intended to point you…

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