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We are a Merchant Account Provider for businesses that are "high risk" businesses.

Applying is Fast and Easy!

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High Risk Merchant Account

We can help those businesses who need approval for a high risk merchant account. We offer approvals, competitive pricing, and five-star service.

Trouble finding a payment processing solution? Rejected by another merchant account provider? No problem… SecureGlobalPay wants your business! Here’s what you’ll get:

  • You try and fail to acquire merchant account with a traditional, low risk provider.
  • Your business is considered high risk, and you’re forced to find a new partner.
  • SecureGlobalPay uses our vast network and experience to get your application approved.
  • You now have the freedom to start and grow your high risk business, on your terms.


How Do We Compare?


  • 99% Approval Rating
  • Approvals Within 24/48 Hours
  • Easy Online Application
  • Chargeback Management


  • 98.7% Approval Rate
  • Approvals Within Weeks
  • Difficult Online Application
  • No Chargeback Management

High Risk Credit Card Processing

By SecureGlobalPay | April 18, 2019

Have you been declined for a merchant account? Are you wondering why on earth your business is considered high risk? Many vendors are astounded to learn that their business has any risk at all associated with it. Banks approach assessing risk based on what they know and what has happened in the past. That means…

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High Risk Merchant Accounts for Electronic Cigarettes

By SecureGlobalPay | April 10, 2019

The market for electronic cigarettes and vapes is colossal and still growing rapidly. That makes it a highly attractive business venture for merchants of all sizes including the tobacco majors, all the way to start-ups, both retail and online vendors. One drawback you must overcome in order to grow the business is the difficulty in…

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High Risk International Merchant Account

By SecureGlobalPay | April 3, 2019

Banks Dislike Risk. That’s a basic fact of financial life. Card payments risks increase when doing business internationally. It costs banks money when they happen. So the costs of those risks are passed on to merchants who want to trade in foreign markets. Not all countries are the same for doing business in and this…

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