Manage Product's using SecureGlobalPay's Product Manager

SecureGlobalPay’s line of secured payment gateway processing features for online businesses and ECommerce merchants includes our product manager at no additional cost.

As you research your options for entering the online market or for expanding or augmenting an existing capability, make sure to review our suite of products and integrations to familiarize yourself with the long list of tools available to give you the absolute best payment gateway in the  marketplace today.

Our Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal are always free of any upfront costs. The technology consists of an expandable and adaptable suite of payment processing solutions to accept credit cards in person or online, checks, recurring billing features, invoicing, QuickBooks and so much more.

Our virtual terminal is the functional equivalent of the counter-top credit card processing terminal with EMV capabilities seen in most brick and mortar stores but uses your computer and keyboard with credit card swipe and dip reader ability for card-present applications.


What is Product Manager?

The Product Manager provides a unified product database that any merchant can use to store frequently sold items for quick recall when performing new transactions.

Where can I use Product Manager?

Product Manager is available for use within the Virtual Terminal, Electronic Invoicing system, and Enhanced Data (Level III) service.

Is there an additonal cost for Product Manager?

Merchants can use this new feature at no additional cost.

How does Product Manager Work

Enter in Your Items

Enter in your Item(s) and any associated information (SKU, Description, Category, Commodity Code, Unit, Cost, Tax and/or Discount) into the Product Manager.

Create Packages

Creating Item Packages allows you to bundle multiple items within the Product Manager and shows the associated information for the Item Package.

Use Drop Down Menu to Select Items

Your Items and/or Item Packages are then stored in the Product Manager and can be accessed from a drop down menu, eliminating the need to key in the same product information each time (see screenshot on next page).

Auto Calculate Totals

Using the “click to set amount” function auto-calculates the total, inclusive of any tax and/or discounts and auto-populates the information into your form (see screenshot on next page).