Electronic Invoicing

Electronic and Digital Invoicing - Streamline your Business

Within the business transaction cycle, whether face to face or digital, each new moment of communication provides an opportunity to learn and store information. This information is crucial to driving the business forward. Names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, physical addresses and items purchased from a customer are crucial data points. These, when placed at your fingertips, help streamline operations and get you more sales. Learn the benefits of having a robust payment gateway with multiple integrations and applications to help you succeed in today’s virtual marketplace. Limit unnecessary facetime, increase efficiency and start sending your purchase orders and electronic and digital invoices out with our signature electronic and digital invoicing software


Communications Today / Tomorrow

Proper communication is the most basic fundamental and the true heart of business.

Negotiate a low interest rate on a bank loan. Discuss a new strategy with a partner. Provide top notch sales and customer service support. Each one of these is an example of how proper communication makes good business happen.

The same is true of the less audible but no less important “silent” forms of business communication. Here, we’re talking about digital invoices, digital bills, digital purchase orders, electronic receipts, digital customer satisfaction surveys, follow-up emails to clients, partners and banks.

Information Engines

Data points from a transaction are essential to business owners that create and send invoices to customers. Manually processing paper-based invoices and purchase orders as part of the accounts payable process is a laborious and time-consuming process.

Let SecureGlobalPay help streamline your data entry, purchase orders and invoice process. Our digital invoicing solutions turn transaction data points into information engines to help drive business.


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Electronic Invoicing

Electronic invoicing, digital invoicing or e-invoicing, provides a simple, flexible approach to populating an invoice with customer information via electronic data interchange. The resulting connectivity in invoicing data allows you to invoice customers via email. 

Customers, in turn, make payments following an embedded link within the invoicing software. Finalized invoices are generated using these communications. Data points from elsewhere in the transaction are also trapped. The combined results are converted to pdf invoice formats that are attached and sent to the customer’s email address.

The resulting attachments can be printed to become paper invoices. Similarly, for those with a paper-free environment, the information can be put to use digitizing invoices for storage.


Using SecureGlobalPay’s electronic invoicing feature is a simple and intuitive way to create electronic invoices. Our data management invoicing software enables our trading partners to trap customer data points at any time during the communications stream and put that information to good use. 

Our real-time invoice creation and delivery helps encourage faster customer payments. We streamline the billing process by reducing the time it takes to manage the paperwork and get paid. Create your first invoice in minutes.

Our methodology of storing and implementing customer data is 100% secure. 

Utilizing our streamlined invoicing solution means there will be no need to store sensitive customer data. This has two benefits. First, less overhead and storage. Secondly, doing this will help eliminate the most rigorous of PCI compliance issues.

Our enhanced invoicing system enables you to maintain records that are secure and complete. Our cloud-based, cash flow solutions are perfect for the small business environment. We relieve you of the burden of PCI-compliant storage requirements. Implementing our solution will enable you to accept full or partial payment using different forms. Give us a call today at 800-418-1772 and let us know if we can answer any specific questions you may have.

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