As a small business, it’s important to find a variety of ways to reach out to potential new customers.  It can sometimes be difficult to know where to spend your marketing budget. One possibility is the use of tradeshows and events in your area that can help you reach out to local vendors.

What is a Tradeshow?

Tradeshows are usually industry based events where different businesses within your industry can showcase their products and services to interested members of the public.

Many tradeshows are extremely large and a small business can quickly feel overwhelmed with stress preparing for the big event. If you have never done a tradeshow, it could require lots of work gathering all the materials needed for displays, brochures, marketing and more. However, we have a few tips and tricks that you can use for the big day to help alleviate some of the stress.

Define Your Audience
In order to promote and produce successful materials for your tradeshow, you will need to understand the type of audience that will be going to the tradeshow. Tradeshow coordinators will typically have stats on hand from previous shows so that you can get an idea of who might be attending the event. Knowing that information can help you form a game plan on how to approach and find new customers on the day of the tradeshow event.

Map Out a Budget
If this is your first time preparing for a tradeshow event, understand that tradeshow costs can quickly add up. We recommend that you put together a detailed budget before committing to the tradeshow event. You will most likely have to rent a space for your business at the tradeshow. You will also have to pay for internet services and advertisements through the tradeshow event coordinator. The costs don’t end there. You will also be in charge of traveling costs, hotels and food for yourself or your business salesperson. Perhaps the most important and often overlooked cost is that you will want to take the best marketing materials that you have available. This could include new banners, brochures, data sheets and gifts to giveaway to your potential customers.

Often times, before the event takes place, the tradeshow coordinator will have access to a mailing list or email list of customers who have attended the event in the past. You may have the option of sending a pre-event flier with attractive offers that will help your business stand out from others at the event. Make sure to include where you can be found at the event and any special deals that you may be promoting at the event. Also, make sure to include this as a budget expense.

Practice Makes Perfect
Most tradeshows customers are being pitched with business offers the minute they walk in the door. We recommend that you try to find something unique and engaging to offer those who come to visit your booth. To really be successful at the tradeshow, don’t be afraid to stand out in order to capture the attention of potential customers. Don’t be afraid to look your customers in the eye. We especially recommend that you don’t hide in the corner of your booth hoping someone will talk to you. Remember that customers are coming to this event knowing that your job is to sale to them.

Taking the time to do a few of the things listed above can help to ensure that the money you spend on tradeshows will be worth it.

What If I want to Create My Own Tradeshow Event?

If you have a unique idea for a tradeshow in your area, then SecureGlobalPay has you covered. We are partnered with MissionTix, a premier event ticketing service. They can provide you with all the services you need for your tradeshow event. This includes online and traditional ticketing services. They can also provide booth assignments, mobile support and Facebook-integrated ticket purchasing.

They can help to ensure that customers will be able to easily pre-register or purchase tickets online before the event.

MissionTix also has solutions for customers that want to make a purchase at the event. They will provide a customized “box office” or kiosks to for selling tickets at the event entrance. They can even help you promote the event through social media integration and email marketing campaigns.

Your guests also have 24/7 access to purchasing help through the MissionTix call center.

Collecting Credit/Debit Cards at Your Next Tradeshow Event

Being able to accept and authorize a credit card at your tradeshow makes marketing and selling your products easier. SecureGlobalPay can help you accept credit cards through your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop computer. You will not only be able to accept and authorize credit card payments, you will have the option to email receipts in real-time, directly to your customers.

We offer a wide variety of payment processing solutions for the wireless merchant including:

Easy set up and auto device detection so you can start processing right away

Compatibility with over 100 mobile devices that run on iOS and Android

Over 2 million wireless processing devices sold worldwide

We offer PCI compliant security of cardholder data upon swipe

You will be able to manage your inventory on your mobile app

Online and offline processing so you’ll still get paid even if a wireless connection if lost

Support for cash and card transactions, voids, refunds, sales tax, tips, and receipts

Keep track of devices and transactions reports


Accepting Credit Cards from a Mobile Device

There has recently been a boom in the number of options available to individuals looking to accept credit cards using their mobile phones. These options are great tools for a number of merchants in a variety of industries. However, many business owners will find that the limitations of not working with a traditional merchant service provider make these services a poor fit for their business. Working with SecureGlobalPay allows business owners many attractive options such as chargeback protection, next day funding, no caps on processing volume, and the additional security and peace of mind that comes with working with a processor that understands the credit card processing industry from top to bottom.

Please contact us today if you are going to be attending a tradeshow event. We can help your business succeed.