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SecureGlobalPay is a proud partner to some of the very best small businesses within various industries around the world. As a SecureGlobalPay small business partner, you may believe that branding is only for corporate businesses with much larger budgets and money to burn. It can be easy to overlook the importance of building a cohesive branding statement for your small business.
Below we will give you the basics on how to ensure that your small business can build a brand that will stand out from the crowd.

Pick Branding That Has Meaning

Branding is important because it can help you clarify internally what makes you different from other companies, and what makes your product stand out. Branding can often be defined by taking some of your values and beliefs and injecting them into your branding statements. After all, it is much easier to run a business that aligns with your personal goals rather than goals made by someone else. Additionally, we recommend that your brand meaning aligns with the core values of your audience. If it doesn’t, then maybe reconsider the focus of your company. A successful brand can quickly identify who their customers are and why they want to purchase your product.

Create a Mission Statement

Once you have settled on the goals that you want your business to convey, it is time to write it down in a mission statement. A mission statement needs to speak clearly on the goals and objectives of your business. Generally, mission statements are a one paragraph statement about your business and what is important to your business. A mission statement can often be the voice and guide of a business for years. That means that it is worth the time it takes to reflect on a statement that will work in present tense as well as for the future of your brand.

Pick Branding That Can Be Consistent

Branding and messaging needs to be consistent throughout various platforms. It is important that your print material resembles the colors and themes of your website. Customers identify quickly with things that are familiar to them. A consistent brand and message can offer this to your small business customers.

Platforms That You Can Brand

Email is most often the main source of communication between you and your small business customers. There are a variety of tools that you can use to ensure that your email messaging is consistently branded. You will want your email message to include your logo so that customers identify your company immediately upon receiving your email. You will also want consistent color usage within your emails. If your print and web material use a consistent font, then you may want to consider using that particular font as a default in your emails as well.

You can also add a personal photo to your email to help your customers “see” who is emailing them. It adds an individualized touch that they won’t forget. Also, give your customers the opportunity to stay in touch with your company by placing links to your social media profiles within your email.

Facebook is a really terrific way to reach out to customers. That is why it’s especially important to have consistent branding on your Facebook platform. Be sure that you use your logo or a recognized symbol either in your Facebook pages profile photo or cover photo. Your Facebook page should also include your mission statement as well as any other pertinent information that customer may need to get in touch with your business.

You can brand your Instagram by also including your logo in the images you share, or directly within your Instagram social media profile. Make sure banners you place on Facebook look consistent with images that you post on Instagram.

It is especially important to have consistent branding on your Twitter account. Twitter is a great place to make contacts and meet other businesses within the industry. Twitter also has a profile page as well as a cover page that can be used to showcase logo and other branding material. You will also want to make sure to choose a twitter name that is similar to your business name. If your business name is Boxes Rule, it would be best to grab the twitter handle @boxesrule.

Domain Name
The .com domain extension is still the most popular and preferred extension for many online businesses. However, with millions of domains being used, it can take a little creativity to get your domain name to match your business name. It is still one of the most important branding decisions that you can make for your business. If you are not sure on different combinations of domain names for your business, go ahead and plug in your preferred business name into a domain provider and they will offer name combinations for you.

If You Are a SecureGlobalPay Partner

If you are a SecureGlobalPay Partner, then these branding tips and tricks will help you manage your online branding for best results.

About Our Partner Program

Our partner program is designed for Web Hosts, ISP’s, Software Developers, E Commerce Developers, Application Developers and Web Developers to increase your revenues while providing a valuable service to your customers. The program offers you an ongoing residual income for the life of an account: on payment gateway setup fees, net revenue on VISA™ MasterCard™ merchant accounts, and net revenue on payment gateway recurring fees.

Give your merchants a complete all-in-one solution for their credit card processing and Payment Gateway needs.
We offer many benefits and tools to assist your merchants with their processing needs including:

Customer service 24-hours a day, 7 days a week
Multiple leading Payment Gateways to choose from
Multiple wireless solutions to choose from
Competitive pricing
Secure, online merchant applications
Effective dispute resolution assistance
Secure, real time processing solutions

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