Holiday Marketing Ideas

Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses that make a difference

With the Christmas season just around the corner, many small businesses are thinking about Holiday Marketing Ideas and gearing up to start promoting products and services to Christmas shoppers. If you are not already making plans to promote your product during the Christmas season rush, this is a great time to start putting together your Christmas season marketing strategy. Below we list several ideas that can help your small business get ready to promote your products this Christmas season.

Christmas Sidewalk Sale

Putting together a “Christmas Sidewalk Sale” is a great Holiday Marketing Ideas and a way to encourage Christmas shoppers to gather at your retail establishment. The best sidewalk sales usually involve several businesses coming together to create a “super” sale. Don’t be afraid to talk to surrounding businesses and encourage them to join you in the best discounts for your Christmas sidewalk sale. Please keep in mind that a Christmas Sidewalk Sale can be done in doors for those that live in colder climates.

Ensure that the event will get a great deal of exposure by publishing event information through your local magazines as well as online through various social media outlets.

Create Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers or funny gifts are thoughtful Holiday Marketing Ideas that can be stuffed inside Christmas stockings. We encourage you to spend some time now, finding little gifts or objects that would make great stocking stuffers. There are many inexpensive solutions available for your customers to proudly give to family and friends. Don’t be afraid to add your logo. Some stocking stuffer ideas include:

Cute socks with unique designs

Free Shipping

If your business generates most of its revenue online, then free shipping is often a great incentive for those shopping for Christmas gifts. With so many Christmas sales available, free shipping may be the one thing that you can offer to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Santa Claus

Don’t be afraid to use Santa Clause during the busy holiday season to bring customers to your retail business location. Having Santa Clause available can help your customers avoid long lines at the mall. Be sure to have someone on hand to take pictures of the children on Santa’s lap (hopefully, your business logo is conveniently placed in the background.)

Gift Giving Through Charity

Christmas is well established as the season of giving. We recommend that you look at various ways you can give to charities that you support. Don’t be afraid to use your business to pass on good will or charity to those in need. You can do this in a variety of ways. One of the more popular Holiday Marketing Ideas is to donate a portion of your sales to your charity of choice. Reach out to your customers to see if they would be willing to donate clothes or food to homeless shelters. Find out the holiday needs of children at the local homeless shelter and ask your customers to participate in helping you to fulfill those needs.  

Join Small Holiday Exhibits or Show

Oftentimes, local towns or cities hold small Christmas craft fairs or exhibits that are centered specifically around a Christmas theme. Take the initiative in asking if your small business fits the criteria to be part of the show. If it does, one of the more full time, busier Holiday Marketing Ideas would be for you to set up shop. You may be able to reach a whole an entirely different target audience through small craft fairs and holiday exhibits.

Fulfill A Need

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can wear on any holiday shopper. Brainstorm ways that you can meet the needs of tired shoppers, offering them rest in the storm. Some ideas include offering Christmas Spa Day packages, handing out free cookies and hot chocolate in areas where you know tired shoppers may gather. Your small business can be a beacon of serenity in the holiday storm.

Send Cards and Gifts

Let your customers know that you are grateful for their business through a tasteful Christmas card. Include special Christmas offers as thanks to your customers for supporting your small business throughout the years. This is a great way to showcase other products and services that your customers may not have already considered for Christmas gifts.

New Year’s Calendar

Help your customers ring in the New Year with a customized calendar to distribute to your small business customers. Start by gather pictures you took of your small business day to day operations throughout the year. After picking out the best pictures, put them together in an easy to use calendar that can be handed out to preferred customers, families and friends.

Gift Cards

We often get inquiries from many small businesses who are considering the use of gift cards to help increase business sales. The holidays are the perfect time to offer gift cards to your customers.

Gift cards are great because they help customers who love your store encourage other new customers to make purchases with your small business. If the owner of a gift card chooses not to purchase any product from your store, then the money still belongs to your store. You still receive the money on the gift card.

An additional benefit of the gift cards is that it is hard for many consumers to find products that match the exact number of funds placed on the gift card. Typically, most customers want to use the gift card to the fullest, so they will spend just a little more than what is on the gift card and pay for the extra out of pocket.

Loyalty Cards

Give your customers a reason to keep coming back by rewarding them with your customized business loyalty cards. The rewards system provides reports of loyalty points earned through purchases as well as a summary of redemptions, transactions voided, balance inquiries and other loyalty program activities.

During the Christmas season, offer special coupons and promotions codes to give your loyalty card owners extra rewards.

Special Dinner or Holiday Party

Thank your customers or vendors with a special Christmas party or dinner. Let them know that you are grateful for their continued support as a small business.

This holiday season, don’t fall behind with your marketing strategy. Start now to ensure that you receive the best results this Christmas Season.

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