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Christmas is just around the corner. For many, this season of giving is a reminder to be more generous to those who are less fortunate. However, over the years, the many different organizations that accept donations for Christmas has grown significantly. With so many different opportunities to donate, it can be difficult to decide which organization aligns best with your personal reasons for donating. Below we list a variety of organizations to consider when you are thinking about giving this coming Christmas season. While many of these programs are especially visible around Christmas time, it is important to note that they are generally available to collect donations throughout the year.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is perhaps the most recognized symbol of Christmas giving. Each year, the Salvation Army sends an “army” of Santa’s to ring bells and encourage people to donate to those in need. The small red kettle container collects millions in donations each year. Donations to the Salvation Army typically provide the very basics including food and clothing.

However, during the holiday season the Salvation Army also uses the donations to provide Christmas to families who otherwise wouldn’t have the funds or the opportunity to celebrate Christmas. The Salvation Army goes above and beyond to make sure kids have toys as well as special Christmas dinners.

The Salvation Army provides services for not only the homeless, but also families of prisoners and the elderly.

Choosing to donate to the Salvation Army means that you will be able to provide the basic needs to a variety of individuals this holiday season.

World Vision

World Vision is a Christian Humanitarian Organization that helps those in need throughout the world. They specifically target individuals living in extreme poverty. At Christmas Time, World Vision focuses on collecting the following for children around the world. This includes:

Nutritious food

Warm clothes

Sturdy boots

Books, toys, and games

Vital medicines

And more

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Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a nonprofit organization that is managed through the United States Marine Corps. Their main mission is to gather brand new toys and clothing donated from various individuals or corporations. They will then distribute the personalized gifts to families in need.

Toys for Tots is great place to donate. While most of their proceeds are used for collecting toys for families in need, they also spend time helping to educate the public about the needs of those who use their services.

Sub For Santa

Sub for Santa is typically run by those within your immediate community. Often times, small businesses and organizations sign up to promote the Sub for Santa to their employees. The Sub for Santa Program is an organization that only collects donations through the Christmas season. Getting your local community involved allows to find out the exact needs of your community. The job of a Sub for Santa representative is to match sponsors with families looking for help. The goal is to provide all manner of gifts for kids as well as others in needs such as the elderly and disabled.

If you would like to participate with your local Sub for Santa, then you need to simply type “Sub for Santa” and your immediate location. You should be matched with the Sub for Santa office that is closest to your given location.

The Christmas Box International

The Christmas Box International is an organization that collects donations to help prevent child abuse of children as well as take care of children that are homeless. The goal of The Christmas Box International is to connect experienced mentors with teenagers who are getting ready to leave the foster care system. They will teach teenagers the skills needed to live independently. This organization is not only a shelter for young children, but donations also provide Christmas for children who live at the shelter.


GoFundMe is a great website for those who are just looking to help out someone this Christmas season in a more personal way. GoFundMe has many personal stories of people looking for donations for a variety of reasons. If you are looking specifically to spread “Christmas” cheer, then you may want to consider typing the keyword “Christmas” into the GoFundMe search bar. This should bring up a variety of individuals or organizations that are looking specifically at Christmas donations this season.

Heifer Project International

The Heifer Project International is a global organization that accepts donations with the specific goal of purchasing livestock for many families that live in poverty. The gift of livestock can help feed a family in poverty for years by increasing the families assets. With the Heifer Project, you have the option to choose exactly where you want your donation to be placed. The choices range from a flock of chickens to a mid-sized sheep for one family. It’s a unique approach to Christmas, but one that will be very much appreciated.

Local Church

Many local churches focus on helping families in need. Often times, the focus is on families that can be best served within the immediate area. It is not uncommon for families in need to rely on help from their local priest or pastor. If you are wishing to donate someplace that is close to home, talk with your local churches to find out how you can best help.

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